Celebrating Community and Culture: The Success of the Japanese Cross-Industry Mixer at Empire Steak House

On the evening of April 25th, 2024, the Empire Steak House in Midtown East transformed into a vibrant hub of cultural exchange and networking, hosting its inaugural Japanese Cross-Industry Mixer. This event,sponsored by Empire Steak House and co-hosted with H.I.S., a prominent Japanese travel agency, marked a significant milestone in fostering community ties and showcasing the unity and strength of the Japanese business community in New York.

Jack Sinanaj, the owner of Empire Steak House and an avid enthusiast of Japanese culture, was the driving force behind this successful gathering. His passion for Japan is not only evident in his business ventures, including a popular branch of Empire Steak House in Roppongi, Tokyo, but also in his commitment to bringing people together. The event's success was a reflection of his dedication and respect for Japanese traditions and professional excellence.
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Originally planned to accommodate 100 guests, the event's overwhelming popularity necessitated a move to the larger ballroom, ultimately drawing over 150 participants from various sectors such as banking, finance, real estate, fashion, and entertainment. The atmosphere was electric, filled with the buzz of conversations, laughter, and the melodious tunes of the Junichiro Mataga Trio, which added a special touch to the evening's ambiance.

The event was not just about business networking; it was a celebration of cultural ties and mutual respect. Attendees enjoyed an array of Empire Steak House's signature dishes and drinks, fostering a warm, convivial environment. Many guests stayed well into the night, relishing the opportunity to connect in a setting that felt both exclusive and welcoming.

Adding to the excitement, TV Asahi captured the event, highlighting moments of laughter, networking, and enjoyment. These segments not only showcased the event's success but also emphasized the strong cultural and business connections being forged between the Japanese community and New York City.

One attendee Ms. Nobue Okahata, shared her experience: "I unexpectedly reconnected with a client at this event! Meaningful networking opportunities like this are exceedingly rare. Everything about the evening was exceptional, and I truly cherished the time spent
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We extend a warm welcome to the Japanese community and encourage more cultural and business events at Empire Steak House. Whether it's an intimate dinner or a large corporate gathering, our team is dedicated to ensuring that your event is not only successful but also memorable. Let's continue to celebrate and strengthen our bonds through more wonderful gatherings like the Japanese Cross-Industry Mixer.

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